HorrorVale Act 1 - Version 0.4.0 Out NOW!!!


What's this!? A new update!?

That's right folks, we've dug into our archives and updated the Act 1 demo!
We fixed one little bug, but the main feature of interest here is a BRAND NEW SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EVENT!
To celebrate the season, we've added a brand new special quest that can only be accessed INSIDE Alice's house if you've defeated the Boss of Act 1.

If you still have an old save, go boot it up and check out this new event. It's just for this season, so once October is over it'll be patched out, so give it a go while you can! 

We don't want to spoil too much about what's in store, but we think you'll enjoy it.

Of course, in another day or two we'll have a full Progress Report in store for the development in the Full Game, so look forward to that as well!


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64 days ago

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